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Everyone is a victim to deforestation. How? Rainforests are the essence of our existence. 

They supply 1/5 of the oxygen that living species need to survive and 76,000 liters of freshwater. Rainforests are home to 6 million species, 99% of which are yet to be studied. 

Cool Earth strives to place control back into the hands of the indigenous villages

Cool Earth's accomplishments include protecting over half a million rainforests. As of today, Cool Earth's projects have protected 640,000 acres of the earth’s most vulnerable rainforests and 48,000,000,000 liters of water. 

The impact on locales is evident through their reports in enhanced health and education, in addition to increased feelings of happiness. 

Enhance your well being and save the environment you thrive in by donating to Cool Earth today.

Make Your Next Birthday High Impact

Think about it: sacrifice an aesthetically-iffy sweater, an itchy nightgown, a “bored” game, your 7th pair of slipper socks, someone else’s idea of a “funny” read—all those gifts that juuuust missed the mark at your last birthday—and instead, save some lives.

Seem like a good trade? We think so!

So many of us have unwanted (not to mention environmentally wasteful) presents piling up in our homes from parties of years past. By participating in High-Impact Birthdays, you can bypass the clutter and receive the greater satisfaction of doing good.

Simply ask friends, family and colleagues to forgo pesky gifts to you and instead donate to a high-impact charity of your choice, thoroughly vetted by independent charity evaluators like The Life You Can Save, GiveWell, and Giving What We Can.

It’s a very low-time investment, high-impact way for an individual—or group—to raise hundreds or thousands of dollars for proven charities . Perfect for students or those who, while they may not have a lot of cash themselves, know or work with those who do.

So, join us—donate your next birthday, and you won’t be sorry. Do it alone or ask friends to help and make it a group effort. Promote the campaign all around. Then watch the donations come rolling in as you rack up the satisfaction of knowing that your special day has a made a difference in the lives of others.

- The Students for High-Impact Charity and Rethink Charity Teams


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